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Husky Siberian

Dog in Flowers

Cute little puppy enjoys the flowers and nature. Everyone would want this puppy or even just the wallpaper on his ...

Palm Beach-Florida-US

Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, if not the most popular. In addition to a myriad ...


Hawaii is a beautiful archipelago, discovered by James Cook. This group of volcanic islands are the fiftieth U.S. ...

Best New Year wishes

Happy New Year and best wishes to all people!

South Africa

Butterfly girl

Beautiful Aphrodite, the original representative of the digital art.

Autumn Sky

Apple-The Queen of Fruits

Apple is the most widespread fruit on the planet. It matures and is harvested from trees in autumn. Some call her ...


Montreal is a city in Canada, and, for its size, is in second place in that state. Belongs to the province of ...

U.S. Jet aircraft

Carpe Diem

This image depicts the experience of the birth of a new day. It would nice to sit on this bench and enjoy the ...

Yellow car

Abstract blue

A beautiful wallpaper showing the abstract flowers. This background is done in shades of blue, gray, black and ...

Tinker Bell

Ice Age

Germany World Cup 2010





Sweet Saw

Winter in the Town

White Crocus

Winter Joy

Excellent wallpaper ideal for winter days and a bit apathy in our mood, proof that with a little imagination ...

Namibia Scenery

This extraordinary country also called the South African beauty. The former German colony and until recently part ...

All in Blue: Girl and Motorcycle

New York - US

New York City is one of 50 U.S. states and has the same name, New York. This is the largest city in the United ...


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is a very popular American singer, model, actress, songwriter and dancer. She was born in ...

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, English actress, born 26 July 1973 in a theatrical family. This beautiful, now a Hollywood star ...