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Rose as a gift

Beautiful hd wallpaper. Red rose resting on a lace cloth. A wonderful gift that will delight any woman.


I think I saw ..... I'm a right grumbler ...... but everyone loves me!


Beautiful puppy, such small that you can only love him. Beautiful golden yellow curls. Wonderful cuddly creature ...

Little waterfall

Gorgeous wallpaper of nature. What more to say? Simply, everyone loves him!

Good friends Dog & Cat

Yellow dog sleeps while the gray cat enjoys under his ear. Who says dogs and cats do not like each other?

Abstract blue

A beautiful wallpaper showing the abstract flowers. This background is done in shades of blue, gray, black and ...


Two wedding rings, one for women, one for men, a symbol of marriage and perpetuation of love. This nice wallpaper ...

Tower Bridge

It took 8 years, 5 major contractors and the relentless labour of 432 construction workers to build Tower Bridge ...

Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Love kiss


Sponger Bob

Sponge Bob.On always cheerful, even at the bottom of the sea.


Autumn in my town

Autumn is for many of us one of the most beautiful seasons. Beautiful trees with lots of color is one of the ...

Idyll in white

The idyllic picture of a magical winter night with lots of snow in the park on the edge of town and church in the ...

Tinker Bell



Funny dog

Beautiful Autumn

As the month of October slips away, so does the season of Autumn breathe its last sigh. Like the dying embers of ...


Dog ready for skiing

Blue heart

Underwater world

The most beautiful butterfly


Chris Brown

Beautiful face

Emilie is an Australian actress. She was born on 27th December 1981, and grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, ...