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Funny Mushroom House

Human evolution

Funny wallpapers


Unique Photographers

Clever cat

Sexy Music Notes

Relax yourself with this humorous wallpaper. And, of course, play this music notes as you like, on your own way ;-)

X ray image

Octopus smokes

Soldier Bulldog

Cat in the bathroom

Crazy Frog


Otter enjoying

This is called a vacation!

Funny House

A variety of colors for your well-being. Keep a smile and have fun!


Dog ready for skiing


Funny Parrot

Funny wallpapers

Funny Minion Hitman

Minion Hitman is detective from American 3D computer-animated comedy film Despicable Me 2. This animated film is a ...

Sweet little dog with sad eyes

Cute little puppy, curious to adhere to the camera lens. His sad eyes Simply asks You to take it!

Black and white sheep

Cat and fish

Cat with a longing look in an aquarium with fishes. Extremely funny wallpaper.

Funny wallpaper

Mouse in the glass